Jaana Ristola

visual artist

Of Power and Compassion

Assemblage, 2016.

11 men arrive in a minimalist set. They take off their clothes and enter the spotlight. Once they’re in the spotlight, a woman’s voice arranges the men in an order according to the size of their penis. All- female crew documents the situation.

Producer: Mari Ljokkoi, Cinematographer: Tanja Glad, Sound designer: Aino Mättö, Lighting designer: Luca Sirviö, Set designer: Nanna Hirvonen, Research assistant, grip & still photographer: Maarit Mustonen, Production assistant: Saara Hannus


Photo by Maarit Mustonen



”The dawn is just: it stretches equally from one edge to another. — It’s a common condition: not of measured spaces, though all spacings are equal, all in the same light. Equality is the condition of bodies. What’s more common than bodies?”
(Jean-Luc Nancy, Corpus)




Photo by Maarit Mustonen


Building of the set up. Photo by Maarit Mustonen


(I wanted to distance myself from it. From that place.) research interviews trascripted, 2015.

Of Power and Compassion – Jaana Ristola